Thursday, September 14, 2006


Nanny State waves the stick and this spineless lot roll over and take it!

How about customer choices?

If I want friggin' diet drinks (that NEVER taste as good) I will bloody well ask for them!

If you wankers fold up so easy, they are going to swarm all over you- it will be portions, chips and those nasty shake things next!

No loss to NZ cusine, but you are letting the thin end of the wedge get driven further in...


Murray said...

Would you like to join my new political party. R&R - Review and repeal.

Only one policy, to review with a view to repealing every single decision made in the last seven years by the bloody nannies who think they live a friggen nursery of 4 million tykes who need their vegies mashed for them.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy if they just sold one other flavour of diet soft drink on tap.

Can't stand Coca cola/Pepsi cola