Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kill the Poor!

Well, I do feel like that at times!- at least those who are the sole authors of their own friggin' misfortune!

There is a piece over on Lindsay's blog today, on 'Poverty and Priorities'

I've seen these dumbass decision makers far, far too often.

In the past, I have tried to help out some of these fuckwits and been shat on for my troubles. Having had my nose rubbed in it- I can now safely say that the majority of these leeches are totally beyond help.

When I was young and less wise in the ways of the world, I occasionally wondered why people would give more generously to animal welfare charities than those helping the poor.

I wonder no more.

Adopt a abandoned/mistreated animal and they will love you for life. They won't turn about and bite you on the arse.

That is the domain of the human species.

My comment on Lindsays blog was not meant to be flippant- I'm dead serious about the workhouse. (The comment is below)

Bring back the workhouse!

These idiots won't try, make stupid choices and have their priorities totally screwed up.To refuse to support oneself- to take on none of society's responsibilities, one relinqishes the rights and privileges of a citizen. In effect, they should become a voluntary inmate.

IF they want the taxpayers support, they should make a declaration of paupery and enter an institution where their lives will be run for them!The basics will be provided and they will have to WORK for those.
No luxuries, no vote and not a lot of free choices.

Of course, they are free to leave- but no dole!


Anonymous said...

What a good idea!People used to want to avoid getting put in the workhouse even it they had to work 20 hours a day to do so.

Of course the workhouse would also separate the men from the women which would cut down on the breeding problem as well.

Anonymous said...


Oswald Bastable said...

That frog was a soft-cock!

Say what you like about the krauts-they KNOW how to deal to a defeated enemy!

Any sucesses the French had in Asia were due to the SS- er- Foreign Legion