Friday, September 01, 2006

Not PC (no, another one!)

Tell them to get stuffed, Bob!


After a bunch of sanctimonious assholes pass judgement, A 17 year old makes a comment theat makes sense:

LIAM SHORT 17, high school student"It's good that he stuck up for what he believes in. Doesn't Parliament have something better to do than sit around talking about what Bob Clarkson's saying?"


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Murray said...

The most corupt government in New Zealands history and all the media can do is a half assed beat up on a man saying religion does not take precedence over New Zealand law.

Imagine the outcry if the EB's decided not to pay tax because it violated their beliefs.

As Don said to a reporter - get a life.

Just a thought but has ANYONE considered publishing a paper with contributions from real reporters?