Sunday, September 10, 2006

Do us a favour!

Today's News:

Anderton Speaks Up On Suicide

Well don't just talk about it- get out and do it!

And let's see some results now- suffocating with your snout in the public trough doesn't cut the mustard!


sagenz said...

given that 1 of his own children took their own life, this post would rate right up there with the stupidest I have read. Anderton has very good reasons for speaking out. I would remove this post if i were you

Deadman said...

Yeah, Oswald, take my word for it. If you write SOMETHING you might piss SOMEONE off and they might (quel horreur! *hi, murray*)

KG said...
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KG said...

Free speech means nothing if it's only the freedom to say that which offends nobody.

Oswald Bastable said...

I knew that some would find that offensive.

All of us have something taboo or sensitive.

Should we all just shut the fuck up for fear of causing offense?

Not around friggin here!

Brian Smaller said...

I always thought that Jim Anderton lecturing the rest of us when he had such a disfunctional family was rich. Less time at the office and more at home might help.

Murray said...

There is no law to protect you from being offended so get the fuck over yourself Mark.

Link or read who the hell you like I don't write for your personal satisfaction and neither does Oz if that point had escaped you.

As someone who lost a sibling to suicide I found Jims comments to be spot on. A refreshing island of good sense in a sea of waffle.

You can have a huge positive impact on some who is dancing around the edges of sucide and the families of those that have killed themselves with some very simple communication.

You don't get a lot of warning that someones going to kill themselves unless you're really looking for it. This is especially the case once they have gone to the point where they have made the decision because they actually become very relaxed and in quite happy thus pretty much tricking you in to thinking they're ok.

Teenage suicide in New Zealand is an epidemic and the bans on the media reporting it are not to my mind productive or helpful.

If you have teenage kids you should probably be shit scared.

There is, as always, no shortage of self appointed "experts" to second guess you post event.

Oswald Bastable said...

In case my remarks have been misunderstood, I'm saying that I think that Jimbo sticking his head under a traction engine would be a good thing.

I'm not commenting on suicide in general.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Anyone wanting a gauge on what angsty teenagers are thinking, have a read of the most recent Pavement magazine. (not that I bought it, was browsing while the missus was shopping).

It makes dire reading for the future of this country, unless the world desperately starts needing emo music and waif models.

Anonymous said...

are yous still working on the road ostable, because i think yous newed to talk to working people more, yous have not a over all picture

Anonymous said...
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Murray said...

And as I said NO shortage of self appointed experts.

Oz your shit for brains filter is set to open, its letting the likes of caprox through.

So in your vast experience in working with suicides caprox your've found that most teens kill themselves because their father is Jim Aderton?

Does anyone make undies big enough for an asshole your size?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Oswald Bastable said...

Posts removed at the authour's request.

Softcock ;-)