Sunday, September 17, 2006

Reporting in

Not much activity here due to working all weekend.

As well as work work, I'm building a hut out in the backblocksin a secret location away from the baleful glare of OSH, building inspectors and busybodies in general. Somewhere to fish, hunt, drink 'shine and howl at the moon!

I'm also wrapping up my second book and sorting out the storyline and writing down a few ideas for #3. I have to do this when the ideas come into my head, as they don't always stay there!

Haven't seen the news or read a paper this weekend or seen any group that I need to offend. The only 'story' I have heard is the Clarkenfurer & her pet handbag-holder (not Winston, the other one!)

That isn't news by a long shot and who gives a flying fuck anyway! Hetro, metro or camp as a row of tents, I still can't stand them and that ain't about to change any- regardless of who kisses who.

For the record, I think they are more steers than queers, in any case...


Murray said...

Yeah not sure that casually entioning to the world at large on a public blog that you're building an illegal hut is quite as covert as you might need.

But then osh would need reading and comprehension skills they have yet to display before there's any real risk.

Oswald Bastable said...

It's somewhere in the South Wairarapa.

Good luck finding it!

or maybe the hut is another of my works of fiction....

KG said...

Every illegal hut needs a still and a shotgun, minimum.