Thursday, July 21, 2005

Shop websites

What a great idea- even if they don't actually sell on-line, you can browse before travelling. Very useful to someone like myself, who lives 30-40 minutes drive from anything resembling shopping (overpriced groceries, antiques and alcohol excluded!)

Where it turms to crap is when these wankers don't bother to update the sites, on a resonably regular basis. Todays line was "We sold that one two weeks ago." Then there is the matter of the rest of the advertised stock missing from the shelves.

Other outfits- reputable ones- that I deal with, state "Available on indent" and give a estimates delivery time.

I just wish that half-arsed shopkeepers would stay they hell off the net- the yellow pages too, for that matter.

I find Arkwright & Granville amusing- cheap, shonky shopkeepers in real-life totally fail to impress me, at all!

And don't I love telling everyone about them...

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Ms Vile File said...

Marvellous. Another Kiwi misanthrope joins the fray.

Keep up the good work, and I'll link to you when I can be bothered. Misanthropic and lazy - I'm multi-faceted.

P.S. I like guns too.