Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chinese Swannis

Not for me! Too much like warm beer, well-cooked steak or anything with 'Lo' in front of it.

I will buy Aussie beer (VB, anyway), wear Chinese underwear from the red shed and shoot Italian reproduction pistols, but chinese swannis- no way!- there are limits!

I have never been put off by the high price of a quality bit of gear- Swanndris have without a doubt saved my life on a couple of occasions, caught out in severe weather and it takes a LOT of hard use to wear one out.

You don't see so many swannis out in the bush these days- most have gone to the new hi-tech fashion parade, colour-coordinated, wanker-tramper kit- I keep getting mistaken for a DOC worker, when out in the bush (should try collecting a few hut fees!)

They are still popular amongst hunters and farm workers and they are for the most part somewhat conservative in their purchasing ;-)

I have emailed the company and stated my position on this matter. Who knows?, consumer preassure kept the Monteiths brewery going.

As my current swanndri is only a few years old, it should see me out- it doesn't get the sort of use it would have got 30 years ago!

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Lippy said...

Even though my swanni was mustard/black and I really wanted a red/black one because that was cooler, I nevertheless lived in it until it fell apart. All that tramping and sleeping in the bush is what did it. But then I got older and discovered that beds are more comfy than bivouacs.