Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Election Sweeteners explained for the lay person

Why they make the promises that they may or may not keep:

Labour will cut interest on student loans
(We want wet-behind-the-ears dumbfuck degree-seekers to vote for us instead of greens)

National will cut local body red tape and revert back to FFP
(Everyone hates the local council so we have nothing to lose)

NZ First will plant one billion trees
(This was the forestry projection, anyway- our supporters won't live long enough to see them get knee-high)

Act will make the governments life hell for the next three years
(Act enjoys shooting fish in a barrel- when the fish aren't unloading the elephant gun into their own feet)

Greens will discriminalise cannabis
(Oh-wow-did I like-say that!)

On a more positive and totally different subject, I got the mighty Remingtons out today and made a heap of smoke & flame!- I must get a photo to post one day.

Next time I go out I will make up a big sign saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP" for the loading area.

Thanks to someone yapping in my ear, I forgot to charge a chamber with powder. At least, now I know how to get out a ball that has been loaded without powder. I bet Wyatt Earp never put up with that! (I shoot the same pistols as him, and I wouldn't want to get belted round the ear with one, as he was prone to do to pests...)

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Lippy said...

As you've already so rightly pointed out, the voting public is full of imbeciles and dimwits who latch onto these empty election promises as a brief diversion from attempting to find their own arse with both hands.