Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More on conspiracy theories and the big lie

Remember Y2K and how the world was going to scream to a halt?

Didn't happen and I doubt that it would have caused more than a few minor hiccups. IT companies did very well out of it, though,

Various pandemics that failed eventuate. This is an ongoing one.

Man-made global warming, AKA climate change when that didn't pan out.

Running out of oil by 2000AD- an old one but somehow this too was wrong.

The world would be destroyed by AIDS- another old one that was also a fizzier.

Spot any trends here?

All of these made various groups a lot of money. And showed other snake-oil salesman that P.T. Barnum was right- there is a sucker born every minute...


KG said...

And of course, morons demand the use of our money so they can use it to propitiate the gods of doom....

gravedodger said...

Meanwhile the earnest old coot with the signboard "repent the end is nigh" with no associated money trail is regarded with scorn by 99.9%.

Paranormal said...

The 'peak oil' myth was developed in the late fifties (I think) in order to promote nuclear power. Interesting to note how it has been taken over by the mad marxists and morphed into a green monster.