Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lest they forget- as usual

"Battle of Crete veterans Bill Bristow and Roye Hammond, both 94, still plan to fly out to the Greek island tomorrow for 72 anniversary commemorations, even though expense claims of $17,712 each were declined by the Government.
Trip organiser and friend to the trio, Murray Hoare, said the Government seemed to have forgotten a 2011 commitment made to veterans that they would be looked after when attending anniversaries, and he was now likely to fund it himself.
''The politicians have got a convenient memory,'' he said.
''The prime minister and [former Defence Minister Wayne] Mapp committed to funding future trips after it was exposed how badly they were treated, compared to the Australians in 2011...''

Politicians are very good at remembering the sacrifices of those who went to war. They usually manage to remember at the point in time when the survivors number in low double figures and are too old or infirm to travel. 
I'm sure there will be free travel for all those WW1 vets, come the centennial next year....

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