Thursday, May 16, 2013

Budget Blues

As usual, there is the 'what was in it for ME?' wailing after the budget, followed closely (by not too closely)- the 'what about the poor children?' bellyaching. In this case, funding the do-gooders with 10 megabucks for the 'food in schools' program.

In this, the nats have it right when they say that the poor starving, lice- ridden kiddiewinks are the responsibility of their parents- NOT the government. Would that they followed this line a bit more and stopped propping up the terminally feckless.

If you can't feed 'em- don't keep on breeding them! Hell- us taxpayers are funding their contraception, so this shouldn't be so hard...


Oi said...

You know, its strange, but I remember a childhood immediately after WWII, where the plight of these children would have looked like the lap of luxury to me and my peers.
I recall the Andersons 2 doors down, getting the first refrigerator in the street. Everyone else had cupboards - one of which may have had mesh covered holes to the outside and was called a safe.
We didn't have cars. A wealthy family may have owned a motor bike. Most of our dads had pushbikes. We took our lunches that our mothers made to school - there were no handouts apart from a small bottle of luke-warm milk every morning that I detested.
Booze? I believe my parents had a bottle of sherry that was brought out on special occasions, unlike today, where there is a daily trip in the car, down to the supermarket for a boot-load of booze & fags.
Times change, I know, but OUR parents ensured we were fed and clothed - often going without things themselves in order to do so. There was no expectation that the state would provide.

I guess what I am saying is, You breed em' - you feed em', just as was done 65 years back!.

KG said...

Amen! to that.