Monday, May 20, 2013

Conspiracy Theories

I have a theory on conspiracy theories.

They are propagated to smokescreen for actual conspiracies.

We have been flooded with any number of theories- the black helicopters, shadow alien governments, contrails that are chemical spraying, sinister alumni, assorted mind-control schemes and so on.

Now anyone suggesting any sort of a government plot is debunked as a tinfoil-hat wearer. I mean, how could anyone thing that the government and its henchmen could be anything but benevolent (clue: ask the Jews)

Take the chemical contrails- purpose unsure, but I have heard everything from weather control to mass medication with mind-control drugs. Sounds crazy and probably is.

How about a group of Nazi scientists, secreted away after the war to make weaponry for the government, in exchange for them not being tried for war crimes such as the use of slave labour? No- this could not happen in a country that fought the Nazi regime!

Or in a foreign land, any intellectuals- say, somebody who wears glasses (by way of definition) are rounded up and killed or used as slave labour? Crazy!- what country would kill off all of their thinking people?

See how the line between reality and la-la land becomes blurred?

Truth is so often stranger than fiction. And less believable...


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Odakyu-sen said...

"The difference between fact and fiction is that fiction must be believable."--Mark Twain