Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What goes around, comes around

"The suicide of a prisoner at Christchurch Men's Prison is being investigated as his family plans to sue the Department of Corrections.

Michael Graham Maxwell was taken off life support on October 16, six days after being found in his cell.

He was serving a sentence for assault, kidnapping and sex with a minor..."

Now why is it that I can't find a whole lot of sympathy for some lowlife who suddenly becomes the victim for a change. (He had a bit of prior form- Maxwell had a conviction for sex with an underage girl, but had been recalled to prison for robbery and burglary offences)

Perhaps when he realizied that the arse bandit that had been at him could be back for another go, he got a taste of his victims had suffered.

One can hope...


And when you wonder why Corrections don't like double bunking- this is why.

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