Tuesday, October 13, 2009


When I went to school in the seventies, those who wanted to make a living using their hands were denigrated and labeled 'thickos'

There were three streams:


The practical stream was where all those now called 'special needs' were shunted and if you wanted to take classes in engineering, woodwork and suchlike YOU were treated as mildly retarded.

That was then.

Now is several order of magnitude worse.

I have noticed that nothing much has changed. Academics still push the 'clean hands approach' as the way to earn a living.


Next time you pay what you consider an outrageous bill to unblock your crapper on a sunday afternoon or restore your water/gas/electricity- take a deep breath and suck it up.

Your sparkie or plumber has to charge that to fill the tanks on his boat!

Now get back to marking next weeks assignments- you need to pay for your third-hand Toyota!

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