Saturday, October 10, 2009

Feckin' NIMBY's

"...Meridian Energy wants to erect about 45 turbines it claims could power up to 40,000 homes on hill country close to Nga Waka a Kupe or Kupe's canoes, south-east of the town on the Martinborough-Pirinoa Road..."

Great- that is enough power for the whole district- Nice green energy- Hooray!

But no- The site is 'Sacred' (easly fixed by the customary payoff to appease the sky pixies) and 'it would spoil our view' Liek Makara, the site is out the back of nowhere populated by a handful of loudmouthed 'Lifestylers' who don't want their precious landscape changed!

This site is one of the best for steady winds in NZ (it always blows like a bastard up there!) It is miles from town and you wouldn't even see it from town, unlike the wirlygigs at Woodville. There is no way you would hear them.

But there is no pleasing the greenie mob, so why bother trying to appease them- just build the bloody things!

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