Thursday, October 08, 2009

Send them your snot!

Yet again the latest version of the Nanny State goes for the bottom denominator, with an effective ban on effective cold relief.

Who is really going to pay the doctors pimp money to get what should be a low cost medication available over the counter? (thats assuming you can get an appointment before your cold runs its course)

As for 'getting tough with the gangs'- pull the other one- they bring it in by the kilo. It's the wannabes that buy OTC for cooking.

If you REALLY want to get tough, apply the death penalty for supplying meth- but you don't have the scrotes for that!

My idea for a protest against this 'more labor than labor' statism- Send them your snot!

Next time you have a cold, save up your snotty tissues and send them to John Boy!

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