Thursday, February 14, 2008

Affordable Housing- for whom?

Affordable Housing- read highly subsidized by (guess who) housing!

I can see it now- first a cheap and easy design will be found.

The greenies won't like them- so:

Eco-friendly building materials
Super insulation
Solar water heating
low energy appliances
double glazing
heat pumps
Etc, etc.

Iwi will get a say and decide they are to small to accommodate all the cuzzies at once. They will have to be bigger.

The mother hen brigade will demand monitored smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, shatter-proof glass, fire escapes, wheelchair access, medical alert systems, childproof fencing and flameproof curtains.

Then a new department of political officers will need to be hired, to monitor the evil capitalist contractors who will do the actual work.

See if they don't!


Oi said...


sweetpea said...

They won't be cheap in other words.

Murray said...

Define cheap.

What they wont be is affordable... unless you sell your soul to the government.

Not that Klak & Sullen actually want to own everyone of course.

Anonymous said...

Each affordable house will cost $595635 to construct This excludes the cost of the building site and related services etc etc etc/.

The new owners (Labour Party voter only need apply) will pay 25% of their incomes over 30 years.

The Gumint subsidy is yet to be fully costed but indications are it will amount to $1,738,529 per dwelling.