Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finding the unexpected

Practical information- from a government agency!

I'm looking at a cookbook called 'The Great little Cookbook'- this is a collaboration by WINZ and a Health board.

I have always advocated the Edmonds Cookbook for those domestically challenged and broke- this book takes it further, with info on how to budget, plan shopping lists and menus as well as how to cook basic foods (non-packaged or pre-prepared stuff)

Well done- information both practical and useful.

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sweetpea said...

I had a quick look and filed it.
It has one recipe (sultarna loaf) that I got off mum just last week to make cheap play lunches. It passed the yum test.
A couple of little gripes.
1. You can't use a modern milk bottle for a rolling pin. What is needed is a straight sided glass bottle.
2. It uses tinned beans and mentions using died beans but as far as I can see doesn't tell you how long to cook dried beans for or much on how to cook them.