Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whats actually happening here...

I have been getting a few emails wondering what I'm up to - I just caught up with the hotmail box that I hadn't visited for about a month.

On 26th December I came down with persistant diarrhea that refuses to go away. This has the local doctors baffled and I am impatiently awaiting a specialist's appointment next week.

This has hit me pretty hard, as my blood sugar has gone high- previously I was diet-controlled. I have gotten dehydrated quite badly a couple of times (as in falling down or flaking out for a couple of hours) and have lost about 25kg so far.

I'm still working as there aren't a whole lot of other options for me. I just have to carry a couple of changes of clothes with me. Shitting your pants 3 times a day and fouling the bed at night on a regular basis does seem to induce a certain lowness of spirits...

By playing around with diet, I have gotten the diarrhea minimized (mostly- now down to about 5BM's a day instead of 20+) by going gluten-free, eating very little meat and cutting out all caffeine, alcohol and diet soft drinks- as well as cutting back on all dairy, fruits and sugar! I'm not a fun person to take out for a meal, but my blood sugar is now normal and I don't have to sleep on a waterproof babies blanket and a towel now!

As a result of all of this, I'm absolutely knackered and spend much of my time off sleeping.

I have had worse and no doubt will be back to 'normal' one of these days. On the plus side- I haven't been this size for near 20 years!


Cactus Kate said...

Suffering from sh...arts then? And we think that's reserved for India.

Poor you, have tests been done on the food you were eating? Mrs Bastable may have been slipping something in your dinner :)

Seriously though, sounds awful and Drs tend to be useless which is obvious in your "cut out everything fun" from your diet. My bet is its the gluten, perhaps a touch of Crohns Disease or polyps, I assume they have done all the nasty "tube with camera up your arse/through your nose" etc....?

Oswald Bastable said...

The nasty tube thing is coming. I don't know exactly what end- probably both the way things are going here!

Still, I have had FAR worse medical procedures inflicted on me.

Anonymous said...

Oswald, I haven't had problems like yours since I was in Asia. Four months of shitting like a Tui and you have trouble finding a small enough set of bicycle clips to fit around the trouser bottoms.

But, cheer up, this too will pass. I find a decent feed of fresh fish goes well in firming things up.

Best wishes,


MikeE said...

I know the feeling.

Was in a similar situation, did a bit of googling and told myself it was irritable bowel syndrome tried to change diet.

Anyways it didn't fix it.

Went to doctors, blood tests showed up Glandular Fever, along with a very fucked liver (no cause yet however).

So I've got a whole lot more blood tests to work out the source of the issue.

Very scary while I wait for the scary causes to be knocked out.

And trying to function at full speed with Glandular in another town on business aint easy either!

Cactus Kate said...

That's the attitude. 9 years of Labour you know all about pain.

I have had both tube procedures. They knock you out for one and the other they pass chalk through you.

Doesn't hurt, its just disgusting thinking about it but by then you've been so sick you really don't care.

Panday said...
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Panday said...

I had food poisoning once which gave me similar symptoms, but it only lasted for a few days.

OB, I hope you get better. Have the doctors mentioned dysentery?

Murray said...

Clearly you allergic to commies.

Everyone must vote National to save the endangered Oswald!

This comment now violates the EFB.

Lucia Maria said...

My favourite remedy for all sorts of maladies has been Olive leaf by Greenridge, available at Hardy's Healthfood. I have no idea if it will help, but it may. But if you do start taking it, start on a very low dose, like 5-10 drops several times a day and build up. I recommend the Greenridge one as it's got added alcohol, which speeds it's accessibility to the body.

I've just looked it up online and it says it can treat gastro-intestinal infections, which it sounds like you have if you're going to the toilet constantly. (see link)

Anonymous said...

Now I know you would have done your research well but there are a few tricks for young players on gluten-free diets - I'm coeliac.
Gluten free means BROW - barley rye oats and wheat also they (the nasty buggers) actually HIDE wheat in stuff e.g. Soya Sauce and ground white pepper, sausages, marinated meats, oven fries, chicken? and the list goes on. Really, really, really check the labels OK. Watch out for terms like thickeners (some are OK) and there's an organisation that helps (i think thats the web address anyway)
Now from personal experience you can actually have a blood test to test for coeliac disease and if, like myself, you have been off the gluten for a while the doc will say "your antibodies are raised but your not clinically coeliac, you need to go back on gluten". Tell them to go get fucked!!!
O the bad news...if you are coeliac you can't have beer or whiskey. The good news is you can officially become a wine wanker and gin soak. ;-)

Lucia Maria said...

Anon, there's new research going on in Sydney that points to coeliac disease being a result of an intestinal infection. Cure the infection and the disease goes away! I heard about it on the radio a couple of months back, but can't remember the name of the researcher or the clinic. Apparently the new therapy is working fantastically even for people who have had such bad disease that they've had parts of their colon removed.

Anonymous said...

It's virtually impossible to see a specialist at the public hospital for these tests in Palmerston North and it's three or four thousand to have the tests done in a private hospital.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I have nothing useful or witty to say. Get well soon Oswald. Keep us posted. Heartfelt commiserations.

Oswald Bastable said...

Saw the specialist today. Lost more blood, but the people at the hospital can get it out painlessly- unlike them at Featherston!

Got a tiny little vial for a stool sample- they should have given me a bucket!

I go in for a photo shoot in a month or so and I'm pleased to know I will be sedated!

Another 5kg lost in the last three weeks.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Not exactly hurrying themselves are they? To add to your misery you are now a public health statistic. For goodness sake. How much do you weigh now? Will they get to you before you disappear all together? I am very worried about this.

Oswald Bastable said...

Well that was quick- I got a letter today- I'm off to meet the anal intruder on the 14th March.

Oswald Bastable said...

For once I'm glad i was well above my 'ideal' weight, or I would be a stick insect by now!

I have dropped from about 130 to 102 kg- so far.