Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's the difference?

Some would have you believe there is no real difference between Nation and Labour.

There is- it's the difference between attacked by sand flies or vampire bats.

(or possibly the difference between being drag-hanged or beheaded.)

The choice is easy, but that doesn't mean you particularly like either option!


Oi said...

A hard one actually.
I abhore Clarks mob of gormless marxist led grippers, but the other mob frighten me too! Key must be getting dizzy by now, what with all the manouvering and about turns.

National wont really be voted in - its that Labour will be voted out and the Gnats will be in by default

Murray said...

Governments are like nappies.

They should be changed regularly and for the same reason.

sweetpea said...

Sandflies and vampire bats?
More like ants and cocroaches, one is small and insignificant in small numbers the other just gives you the creeps but both are a nuisanse and you don't want either in the your kitchen.

I think I need an animated jandel to keep track of all the policy flip flops of late.