Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We've found a Witch- may we burn her?

Here is the post uber-contol freak Sue 'I know Best' Bradford is bleating about:

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Safe to say that this person is NOT a fan of Sue Bradford.
Anonymous writes:
I have just viewed the interview on TV with Sue Bradford and her Bill to ban smacking. She looked mentally ill and sounded delusional - her equating a rugby tackle with assault was an indication of just how unwell this woman really is. Such a cognitive distortion is evidence of historical psychological trauma, most likely related to either sexual abuse or rape.

Sue sees no difference between a parent smacking their children, and the awful assaults that have been perpetuated on children that are now dead.Since Sue cannot tell the difference, I would like the opportunity to drive my fist straight into her face as hard as I can, hopefully breaking her nose or jaw in the process. As she is lying on the ground, blood and mucous pouring profusely from her nose and mouth, I would then give her a light smack on her substantial arse, and ask her "Now Sue, is the difference a little more clearer to you?".

If ever someone needed a beating, it is this sociopathic witch.She is projecting her own allergy to correction or any form of discipline onto the families of New Zealand, so that our kids can end up as sick as she is.Bradford is a worthy candidate for NZ's first political assassination - I only wish I had the resources to do it.

Posted by cyfswatch at 23:24 2 comments

The story of the complaint is Here:

Ain't it just ironic that someone who has been a lifelong enemy of the police cries out for them as soon as she percieves a threat to her own wide arse!

And to correct the CYFSWATCH poster- you BURN a witch- not beat her!


But really- if that is a graphic threat she hadn't heard one before. In the prison service, we got FAR worse threats, far more often. Unfortunatly, the police were too busy to run about protecting us- and recieving the same sort of threats. The powers-that-be were certainly none to concerned for OUR welfare!

Before we consign the poster to bunk up with Tim- As I interpret the message- all the poster is really saying is that he wants stupid sue to understand the diffence between a spanking and a right twating!

As for the last bit- it may be a minor point of language but they did say a 'Political Assasination'

This is not the same thing as a banger through the head while driving in an open-topped limo.

Political Assasination consists of mud-slinging and getting it to stick!

I'm sure a defense lawyer would see it so!


KG said...

hmmm--there's a lively comments thread over at Murray's blog and Murray is coming down firmly on the side of banning the site.
Let them ban one blog and you can bet your ass others will soon follow.

Mrs Smith said...

Ms Bradford was on the news talking about the assassination threat. While the writer has completely valid points, the graphic nature in which they wrote it, has left them open to misinterpretation. Ms Bradford doesn't seem too bright, so I can't credit her with deliberately doing so.

Unknown said...

I didn't say ban, I said blogger should shut it down as it violates their terms.

Its counter productive to have this sort of fringe loony being made the poster child for those of us opposed to Commie Sue getting into our homes.

You also didn't mention that they violated their terms of use by reposting an item removed by google as it was defamatory.

Or would you like to see lefties given as much free reign to post personal details and call for hit squads?

Brian Smaller said...

I thought that it was patently obvious the writer was talking rhetorically about hitting Bradford. Hearing her simpering on the radio put me off my breakfast.

Unknown said...

What was "patently obvious" about them reposting a defamatory comment Brian?

The exact defamatory comment made by our PM that she was forced to appologise for.

You saying that a website has more legal wiggle room than a PM.

What was "patently obvious" about them posting that they would remove Bradfords address if she complied with their instructions Brian?

These guys were begging to be pulled and I expect them to be prosecuted.

They have done more harm to the credibility of the blogging community than anything CYFS lawyers could ever do.

Anonymous said...

the part that fucks me of about this are....
1, all day on the hour, every hour radio news (zb) has gone on about the threat to punch "psycho sue" in the face, convieiantly leaving out the bit about the "light smack on her substantial arse" completely changing the context of the statement.

2, the stupidity and lack of foresight of the author, for giving psycho sue the sympathy vote.

KG said...

"Or would you like to see lefties given as much free reign to post personal details and call for hit squads?"

yup. I don't just support freedom of speech for that speech which I agree with.
And the term "given" free reign implies that freedom of speech is someone's to grant in the first place, a position I reject absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Trailer Trash Sue doesn't do "simper". Her vocal intonation and diction are blowsy and boozebarn. As you might reasonably expect.

Anonymous said...

So we're all agreed then?. she's not fit to hold a toilet brush, let alone an M.P.'s office.

...."democratically elected", my arse! betcha anyone with half a brain in their head ticked 'Green' for Rod Donald.

Brian Smaller said...

Murray - I looked again at the post that Oswald put up that was the "threatening assault and assassination" thing that was so upsetting for bradford. I have to assume he posted the whole thing. There is nothing in there about Bradford's address. Was that particular threat in another post on the cyfswatch blog?

Personally, I think the Greens probably did it themselves which explains how she was able to break this news three seconds before entering parliament for the vote on her Bill. Have to have something for all those Green and labour staffers to do when they are not trying to stack online polls.

Anonymous said...

there is always a familial cause and identity with shizophrenia

Oswald Bastable said...

The full moon rolls around already...

JR said...

Posts on the deleted blog here:


Well Check out this site. It's Wikitravels site on New Zealand. Look at the type of Government and air travel sections. A good laugh.
Theres quite a few funny little quirks in the write up.
Also near the Bottom someone has advertised their Bed and Breakfast and someone els has really taken the Piss out of em.

Anonymous said...

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