Friday, February 23, 2007

On Traffic

The uniformed branch of the IRD's threat has been carried out. I have seen the local copper outside of all the local schools at start & finsh times this week. At least his patrolling has been during actual school times. Not at 5pm!

It's one of those things that most say 'Well-fair enough!'

But is it really anything other than 'common sense' policing? Perhaps if the police weren't so politically driven, this migt well have been the sort of thing they would be doing, as a matter of course?

I do a lot of driving , for a living. I clock up about 60k a year- most of that within a 30k radius of the depot.

I see a a hell of a lot of what goes on on our roads. During the DAY, the worst group is the grey haired bowls-club type of driver. (I can tell that by the hat in the back windscreen!)

They fail to give way, fail to travel at the road speed and even worse- give way when they have the right of way!.

The time that I sit at intesections waiting for the blue-rinse set to bugger off. I'm loosing at leat 1/2 an hour for these types to bimble though intersections each day!

You ratepayers are picking up the tab for this!


Anonymous said...

That is what a .45-70 is good for.

Brian Smaller said...

I wish the coppers wre otuside my daughter's school when a bastard in a Toyota 4Wd (Reg BQA181) almost ran my son over on the marked pedestrian crossing when he overtook me while I was stopped, allowing the kids to cross the road.