Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hoist by her own Petard...

Prime Minister Helen Clark and Education Minister Steve Maharey rejected as unsubstantiated claims by the Poverty Action Group and children's charity KidsCan that up to 15,000 primary pupils were going to school hungry each day.

But her own Ministry of Health says 80,000 ! be afraid MOH salary-monkeys- you have made a very bad enemy- who remembers these offenses and is more vindictive than Jabba The Hut!

So who exactly is blowing smoke out their ass?Personally,I believe the the 80k figure would be an exaggeration. My kids have permanantly hollow legs and get through more tucker than a small African village. Then there is the bit with kids arsing about before school and missing out if you don't crack the whip a bit.

But there is no doubt that there are plenty who do go hungry on a regular basis. Find a teacher whom you know to be a real person and not a moonbat- they are out there!- and ask her!

And now I have heard here that John Minto thinks that giving hungry school children food is 'deeply patronising to their families.'

Perchance they will all be refusing to accept any benefits they might be on?

Declining their Working For Families bribe money?

Or does their pride not run that deep?

If my kids were genuinly hungry, my pride would not be up for consideration...

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KG said...

"Find a teacher whom you know to be a real person and not a moonbat- they are out there!"

Of course they are--both of them, one for each island.