Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Cotton Wool Wrapping...

It appears people might get lost out in the bush!

"...Deaths and "near misses" involving trampers in Arthurs Pass National Park have prompted the Department of Conservation to place clearer signs marking walking tracks..."

Story Here:

Why not put in paved tracks with lighting and handrails? Hell, we need disabled access too!

These are MOUNTAINS- they are meant to be rough, rugged and dangerous. The weather is extreme and if you are not well prepared they will KILL you.

If people aren't up to these conditions, they should stick to walking around the golf course- or better still, take a golf cart!

If they are so dumb as to believe that they can bimble about the mountainside in an area famous for it's extreme weather, Darwinian selection is what they deserve!

To save the bloody Townies from themselves, I suppose DOC will be requiring certification and a permit to enter the area, as the next step.

DOC- leave them to their own devices. As we have no Bears, Snakes or Cougars- there is only the weather and gravity to weed the loopies out!


Unknown said...

Social workers are the natural by-product of the unnatural action of ignoring natural selection.

Mrs Smith said...

Disagree with you here. Nature is horridly untidy. Could do with a few escalators and coffee carts.

KG said...

and sweep up those leaves! God, autumn is so untidy.

ZenTiger said...

Of course we have no bears, snakes or cougar. The Mountain Moas took them out. They are so vicious.

Just don't tell the tourists.

Anonymous said...

Blame the introduction of rescue beacons.

In the old days, you either went solo and took the risks onto yourself or went as a self-supporting group.

Today any gormless twit can toddle off into the bush with a radio beacon in the certain knowledge that help is only a pushbotton away.

I expect that someday soon some fool will call in seach and rescue because the tinned cooking gas ran out.

Unknown said...

Many years ago I was a deckhand working in the Hauraki Gulf.

The most common "emergency" was weekend yatchies who had run out of petrol and didn't know how to sail.

Mainly on a Sunday evening because they needed to be back in time for their office job on Monday.