Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dumbass kids & punishment

The soft-cocks and hand-wringers have had their go at 'rehabilitation and education' and it is FUBAR out there.

Thanks very much, assholes!

Here is another one that won't pick up the tab for his actions.

"...A three-year-old girl remains in an induced coma in Auckland's Starship Hospital after being hit by a car driven by a learner driver in the North Shore suburb of Torbay on Thursday. The girl was with three others, two aged eight and one aged five, and the grandmother of one of the girls, when a Toyota Celica driven by a 15-year-old boy ploughed into them..."

I know one family that won't want to go soft on this young shit-head...

The is probably at least one other that should be taking the heat as well. Where did he get the car? 15 year olds don't tend to have a lot of money.

Flogging him to within an inch of his life would be a good start to his long and arduous punishment!


Barnsley Bill said...

Oswald, i respect your opinions and consider you barnsley bill lite with your world view. yours is the first blog i check most mornings to ensure there are still a few of us that view the world in similar ways. However in this instance your knee jerk reaction (which was milder than mine) is completely wrong. This is a case of a tragic accident where a young man from a good family simply lost control of a car. As tragic as it is, an accident is all it is.
What is the answer? Personally I am against my children being denied the chance to drive when I could and I only hope that they listen to the old man and don't fuck it up. Yes there are a lot of young fukwits driving but giving the dutchman and the dykocracy a reason to put more controls over our day to day existence is not what i want. how about you? More rules from helengrad slowly coroding our freedoms. Just build a big strong fence and get the family driving big fuk off 4wd's.

Unknown said...

Bill wrong.

Today you're Sue Bradford lite.

It was NOT and "accident" of any kind.

The kid was not licenced to drive alone. The car was not warranted or registered or in warrantable condition.

The kid broke several laws the second he got behind the wheel.

As good as you claim this family to be the victims are those this kid smashed.

He's wrecked lives. Possibly including his own. This is a result of the choices he made.

Oswald Bastable said...

BB- I'm not for taking the right to drive away for young people- far from it.

They DO need to know that they will be held to account for the way they drive.

I'm a bit hot on this one after being near killed (again) by an idiot driver.

While I got the boot into this particular case, I'm more making a general comment on the lack of responsibility for ones actions prevelant today.

You seem to know more about this case than me- I will happily conceed that as I got my info from the media- notorious for inaccuracy or omitting half of the story, to give the picture THEY want to present.

You ARE allowed to disagree with me here- as long as you are not one of Herr Hellen's flying monkeys ;-)

Barnsley Bill said...

Murray,I will check my source and if wrong will recant and get mrs barnsley to flog me. Please do not compare me to sue bradford in any way ever again. That was uncalled for and particularly cruel.