Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When is nanny state not nanny state?

When dealing with beneficiaries.

Especially those who repeatedly prove they can't budget themselves and like Oliver Twist- keep asking for more. (Perhaps we should bring back the Beadle)

It's no use crying out about losing your independence, as some teenage mendicants have. You ain't independent when you are not paying your way.

Thus when the source of your funding lays down conditions- suck it up- or get a job.

Ought to be the case for all those sucking on the public teat...


Richard McGrath said...

Couldn't agree more, Os. I suggest term limits on the DPB and the dole until their eventual abolition; no DPB or other benefits for anyone under age 18 unless significantly mentally handicapped; privatisation of welfare so that 'sickness benefit' forms, etc., are sent to a private insurer; no sickness or invalid benefits for anyone with lifestyle related illnesses or injuries; and telling everyone under age 40 that they will have to make their own provision for superannuation and not rely on the current Ponzi scheme as it is unsustainable.

Oswald Bastable said...

Pretty much my take on it too!