Thursday, August 18, 2011

Otago regional council wants an alternative means of killing southlanders

"Central Otago residents will be required to comply with a ban on open fires, inefficient woodburners, and multifuel burners from the end of next year despite the Government extending the introduction of the national standard for air quality.

The Otago Regional Council has announced it was standing behind its Otago Air Plan in a bid to decrease air pollution in Central Otago towns..."

Lynch the regional frickin' council! In fact- hand the frickin' lot of them, they are All EQUALLY WORTHLESS.

It's friggin' freezing down there and who could afford to run the heat pumps that would be needed to replace the fires?

Hey, but you can freeze to death with clean lungs!

Cold and damp will surely knock off more than a bit of woodsmoke.

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