Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cabbages indeed

"Kapiti Coast District Council is forking out up to $10,000 for two new welcome signs emblazoned with macrons, which a critic claims will end up saying: "Welcome to Cabbage".

The council voted two years ago to place macrons – short lines above Maori vowels, used to lengthen them – over the "a" in Kapiti, the "o" in Otaki and the second and third "a" in Paekakariki..."

A lot of fuss- and money about bugger-all. Getting precious at our expense over a dead oral-only language.

A language as worthless as a culture that never managed to invent the wheel, the spear thrower, the bow & arrow and barely figured out how to make fire. Let it bloody die...


The probligo said...

Think on't for a moment. As long as they fart-arse around with small things like this they are not f-ing up anything bigger.

Anonymous said...

It will die when the money supply keeping it alive does. It will happen but it won't be politics that does it - it will be a big event such as a global econmic crash that reduces us to being unable to afford the nonsense no matter who bleats about it.