Friday, July 15, 2011

Health nazis on the ramage

"...As debate heats up over whether Auckland District Health Board should refuse to hire smokers, the Government-funded Quit Group confirmed yesterday that it already had such a policy.

Quit Group, which runs Quitline, has a clause in its employment contracts prohibiting smoking.

Workers can face disciplinary action if caught having a puff, or dismissal if they persist.

The ban includes smoking at work or during leisure..."

And here we have another assault on personal choice:

"...A bid to ban smoking on the streets of Auckland has been stubbed out.

Auckland Council had proposed banning smokers from congregating outside CBD buildings.

However, the idea was rejected today, Radio New Zealand reported..."

So you don't smoke?

This probably doesn't concern you?

Hope you don't mind when the health nazi's come for YOUR pleasure- a drink- soft or alcoholic, salt, pies, meat, sunbeds, anything petrol-powered...

Because sure as hell they will come gunning for YOU before long...

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