Friday, July 29, 2011

Revisionist history and YOU are paying for it

And paying for this travesty big time!

"On Tuesday evening I witnessed an extraordinary confession.

It was at the launch of Dr John Robinson’s explosive new bookCorruption of New Zealand Democracy — A Treaty Overview.

This book is a smoking musket that exposes how the New Zealand state is prepared to lie in order to con the public into believing that its Treaty guilt trip is real and the grievance gravy train justified.

Author Dr John Robinson, a socialist, confessed that, much to his shame, he once caved in to an ultimatum by his state agency clients to doctor his findings on the cause of Maori 19th century depopulation to fit the government’s politically-correct pro-Maori, anti-Pakeha, Brit-bashing myth.

If he did not comply, he would not be paid for his work..."

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Anonymous said...

Bought it, reading it. Depressing but confirms what I felt were the "facts". I wonder why we pander to them though? What reason can there be? This is how conspiracy theories get traction.

As the bloke is left wing its not easy to label him with all the right wing racist slogans.