Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cut off their oxygen

Lots of babies, lots of partners, lots of houses and lots of benefits.

"Welcome to the career dream of young boys already failing in the education system.

Alison Sutherland, who works in Wairarapa schools with children who have behavioural problems, says many of the boys she deals with – who haven't even reached their teenage years – can only see being the father of children and living with their mothers ahead.

"That is their career future," she said of youngsters who were opting out of education and employment because they saw babies as a source of income.

But coupled with the desire for children was a complete lack of understanding of what being a good parent might entail.

"There is no warmth about loving little children or wanting to be good parents. It is purely about this being a pathway to an income," the one-time principal of a youth justice facility school said.

"They have a perception that their future is to be unemployed. That is their norm. They have no sensitivity for the children – they see it as their form of income."..."

Yet there are still many that refuse to believe that things happen this way . Maybe not so much in their rose-tinted world. Time to cut off their oxygen...

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