Monday, April 18, 2011

Not really better late than never

"...Justice Christine French sentenced Malcolm George Chaston, 40, to preventive detention when he appeared in the High Court at Rangiora this afternoon for the knife murder of 27-year-old Pickering on February 8, last year....

...He had a total of 17 prior offences, seven of them violent and two sexual. These extended over 25 years..."

Under 'Three Strike' this shit-head would have been out of circulation. THIS is why we need Three Strikes (that and because we are too soft to execute the fuckers)


Anonymous said...

Capital punishmnet is so needed here. As if our pinkos in charge will ever listen though...NZ makes he criminals the victims and vice versa.

How to mandate for change? In our dreams.

Anonymous said...

Good luck hard people. I don't think I could coldly kill a human being who is cuffed and no longer a threat to me no matter what they have done. Revenge is not mine to take. That doesn't mmake me soft - just mindful of what a big deal a death is.

I wonder what screwed him up so badly? Maybe if we knew that we could deal with causes. Maybe get tough on welfare, gangs and drugs whence much of this shit sandwhich comes from?