Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What colour is the sky on YOUR planet?

"...Last week, the Tauranga-headquartered business unveiled $85,000 two, three and four-bedroom models with the same footprint, accepted by the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) for Christchurch earthquake victims, and said the first place was up to show an 83sq m temporary family house.

But the designs drew criticism for lacking aesthetic or environmental attention.

Andy Watson of Christchurch, a architect graduate, criticised Jennian's designs, saying they offered no flair and little environmentally.

"It would be worth pursuing what criteria the DBH used to choose this design. It obviously has absolutely no design criteria and unfortunately Christchurch is going to be left with a bunch of very ugly, useless boxes in a couple of years time," said Watson, of MAP Architects..."

Step this way for a sound slapping.

This is temporary accommodation, designed to be assembled for minimal cost and in a short time. They will always have a future use as cabins, batches, rentals and for the great many who don't give a stuff as long as it is a roof over their heads.

Is the little whiney bitch pissed that his design wasn't picked?

Personally, I would be happy with a fitted out shipping container, if the alternative was a leaky house with no working dunny, heating and bits falling off it, going into a VOTD winter.

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Anonymous said...

These are Manapouri or Twizel style homes. Build with treated 3 by 2 wooden floors and board and batten exterior use 10 to 15 cubic metres of timber tops. Raw material cost max $9k so where is the rest of the dough?