Wednesday, April 06, 2011


"Clayton Weatherston did not get a fair trial because the media facilitated an attack on the law itself - the defence of provocation - even while he was giving evidence, the Court of Appeal has been told..."

Getting stabbed 200 times is not 'fair'.

Shit like Weatherston should thank their lucky stars that the like of myself don't get listened to by our political masters.

Or he would have been swinging in the breeze, hanging from a length of hemp rope...


Anonymous said...

The death penalty needs to come back. Just like, you can shoot your wife point blank in the neck, kill her, after years of abusing her, and still get only eleven years before you're up for parole.

National have changed nothing, and justice has not been done in either case.

Anonymous said...

I advocate a fair trial then execution. It doesn't have to be in that order though.


Anonymous said...

Hemp? You are a closet greenie I suspect.

The hard part about this is that one day it may be your screwed up son up on something awful like this. Death is a bigger call when its someone close to home and maybe if you can pull the lever on your own family member it makes you just as disfunctional.

That doesn't make the appeal less stupid - Clayton still doesn't appear to have accepted he screwed up about as much as one can or Sophie's death is his fault. Until he does we don't even go looking for the key we threw away.

Oswald Bastable said...

Fuck you asshole!