Friday, April 22, 2011

Rotten eggs

"...A jumbo 1kg egg customers were used to seeing at The Warehouse was no longer offered, because of lower demand and community support for its removal, The Warehouse's Nick Tuck said. "We received feedback from customers that it was not the politically correct thing to place an egg of that size in front of a child..."

Did you hand-wringing fucks ever consider that the big egg could be shared? That it does not have to be consumed in one sitting?

That it's none of your friggin' business if someone does want to scoff the whole lot in one go?


Anonymous said...

Especially as the one scoffing the lot will be the one probably puking the lot.

Typical PC crap. No more Warehoouse for me! What next, ban DVDs because they're bad for the environment? Sucks.

Anonymous said...

Because the Warehouse uses the term PC doesn't mean that it was simply not selling well enough because it cost more than poor or stupid people could afford and on that purely commercial basis it got dropped. I suspect if there's a buck in it the Chinese will make it and he Warehouse will sell it whether the fat police moan or not. What I want is Whitakers to make 'em. One good one is savoured better than a bucket of rotten ones gobbled. Ask any hooker.

Oswald Bastable said...

A Dark Ghana egg!

Oh yeah!