Monday, April 12, 2010

Some people 'get it'

I found this letter in the DomPost (more often known as the ComPost)

There IS intelligent life out there!

OPINION: I note an increasing call, in the interests of safety, to reduce car speeds to the point of not moving.

For 10 years now, I've driven the same route to work, past two schools. There has been a noticeable and disturbing change in the way crossings are managed.

Whereas children once were taught to stop, look and understand, and take responsibility for taking a step, it seems the new controlled-by- kids crossings have changed that. With the impending approach of pedestrians, the barriers go out, the effect being no requirement for any thought regarding road safety or personal responsibility.

In fact, the crossing has just become an extension of the footpath. That attitude seems to be becoming widespread and, as a pedestrian, I've watched others not even bother to look before stepping out. After all, they say, it's their right - given by nanny state in its mad dash to remove personal responsibility.

It seems a growing number of fools would step in front of a moving car; some die, some live, and probably no-one does it again.


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ZenTiger said...

Exactly, I am constantly teaching my kids to turn every interaction with car areas as an opportunity to get good habits. I notice when they cross a car park with me they sometimes relax and rely on me to keep them safe.

No way! "Keep looking, keep monitoring", I say.

"One day, you might save me if you are observant. Rely first on yourself, my eyes are a only backup" I say.

"What colour is the car with the reversing lights on?" I say, etc etc.

If no-one is teaching them, how do we expect them to learn?