Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another MSM Fail

"...The blackout, which included the capital's central business district and eastern suburbs, lasted from 3.20pm to 4.30pm on Thursday and cut power to 84,000 customers.

Transpower spokeswoman Rebecca Wilson said contractors were working on a switched off "buf-bar" unit, and it appeared a lead from their electrical testing equipment was either dropped or blown by the wind onto a live buf-bar below it..."

(bold mine)

We have a spokeswoman who has been misquoted (probably) or knows jack-shit about all things electrical and/or yet another journo who can't be arsed even googling terminology.

You know- checking the FACTS of a story.

It's a friggin' BUS-BAR!

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Oi said...

I have never heard of a bus-bar "unit" either!
The bus-bars are just that, long flat bars of brass or copper that run for a distance with various feeds being taken off them.

I feel your 1st comment about Rebecca's jack-shit knowledge hits the mark