Sunday, April 11, 2010

The alarm bells just went off- big time.

"Children's aggressive behaviour will be monitored and measured in all of the nation's 2370 schools, if a new government proposal to curb the growing incidence of bullying goes ahead...

...Among the recommended techniques is a system that recruits students to secretly work "undercover" in their school, alongside a teacher, to fight bullying..."

(Bold Mine)

This is how it starts- it's always a 'good cause' and for the 'public good'.

How long before these immature 'agents' are reporting on home life?- stuff like what videos, book and other subversive material. Do the parents drink alcohol or smoke and how much. What kinds of food are being eaten. Does the old man yell at the kids? or walk about naked? What goes on next door...

YOU have been conditioned for this with the busy-bodies using underage kids in retail sting operations. The wedge is about to get driven in even deeper soon.

So many of these little upstarts already have the upper hand, knowing that all they have to do is SAY that you have given them a clip around the ear.

Remember Germany sixty-odd years back? Parents scared of being denounced by their kids?

Those who can't learn from history are destined to repeat it.


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