Thursday, December 07, 2006

Merry friggin' Xmas!

Jailed teenager home in time for Christmas?

6.00am Thursday December 7, 2006

A teenager jailed for four years for throwing a concrete block off a motorway overbridge killing 20-year-old Chris Currie last year may be home for Christmas after serving 16 months in custody.

Ngatai Reweti, 15, was jailed in September for the manslaughter of Mr Currie of Taupo.
Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Grimstone said he had contacted Mr Currie's family to inform them Rewiti had applied for special parole leave so he could be home before Christmas...


That makes me want to puke!

Chris Currie's family were none to impressed with the idea either.

I thought the idea of a prison sentence was that you missed out on things like family and xmas. Seems our soft-cock 'Penal' system doesn't. Special friggin' parole leave my arse.

He can have it when Chris Currie gets leave from being dead!


Anonymous said...

Greg Cavell faces court for defending himself and others against a criminal lowlife--and a criminal lowlife may be l;et out of jail for Christmas!
This place has gone effing mad.

Unknown said...

People get the governments they deserve.

What ever we did I'd like to say we're sorry, we're so very very sorry.

We promise never to do it again.

Antarctic Lemur said...

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