Friday, December 08, 2006

The award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence!

This place would have to be a contender!

Chocolate heaven!
The chocolate they make is the stuff of dreams to the serious choccy aficionado. The aromas when walking into the shop hit the senses and bowl them for six- essential oils and the highest quality chocolate.
It's not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The handmade chocolates sell for about $16 per 100g- a box of about 16 costs around $25 and the bigg box costs $55- butwhen you think about it-where can you get a special present for that price?
And they do impress the ladies ;-)
They also do tablets in the most amazing flavours. Combintions that you will never see elsewhere-
Cardamom...fresh podded cardamom in white Belgian Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry and Mixed Spice
Lemon...our own dried lemon in creamy white chocolate
Milk...33% cocoa mass
Milk Chocolate...plain milk chocolate tablet
Sea Salt...Maldon Flakey Crystal Sea Salt from Essex, England, match with Champagne
Pink Peppercorn...with pink peppercorns
Rose...French Damask Rose
Dark...53% cocoa mass
Dark Chocolate...plain dark chocolate tablet
Apricot and Rosemary...dried Apricots and Rosemary in white chocolate
Chilli...Chilli flakes
Ciocco...60% two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador
Coffee Walnut...strong roast coffee with fresh Greytown walnuts
Earl Grey Tea...haunting bergamot
Easter*...lime and orange peel, cinnamon quill, mixed spice and sultanas
Frankincense Myrrh and Gold*...the flavours of Frankincense and Myrrh rubbed with gold leaf
Geranium...Rose Geranium
Ginger...Chopped Ginger (prepared by us from green root)
Kiwifruit...our own dried kiwifruit
Lavender...perhaps you have only known the smell, taste the colour
Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper...our dried lemon chopped, match with camembert or brie
Lemongrass...the word...refresh, hauntingly Asian
Limechilli...our dried lime, how to push flavour, beautifully balanced interactive taste sensation
Olive...our own dried Black Olive
Peppermint Leaf...locally grown organic peppermint dried leaf
Rose...French Damask Rose
Smoked Paprika...more of a smoked chocolate than paprika
Strawberry and Black Pepper...our own dried Strawberries
Sweet Basil...for all of the reasons that you do fresh basil
Tangerine...more "up" flavour than orange
Toasted Coconut...chunky and creamy
Toasted Sesame...great match with blue cheese
Bitter Sweet*...70.5% 72% 76.5% cocoa mass
Bitter Sweet Chocolate*...plain bittersweet tablet.
Bitter Chilli*...chilli flakes in bitter sweet chocolate.
Ciocco Marrone 72%*...two bean Italian blend, beans from Ghana & Equador.
Peppermint Leaf Bitter*...locally grown dried, organic peppermint leaf.
Schoc Bittersweet 76.5%*...our own Schocing blend.
Schoc Shot 70.5%*...kick-butt freshly roasted extreme Coffee.

I have to drive past it everyday, too!

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