Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The annual wish list

I have been presented with Mr 4's Christmas requirements:

A giant battle robot
A radio controlled boat
A radio controlled car
A huge transformer
A trampoline
A scooter
Hot wheels
An electric Thomas the Tank Engine set (The largest one, of course)
A swimming pool (he never goes in the water!)
A bouncy castle

Makes my wanting a Walker Colt positivly modest!

I suppose I will think myself lucky if I get a bonk and permission to spend my own money on the Walker Colt...


Anonymous said...

Buy the Colt--the pleasure will still be there long after the flying cutlery is forgotten. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Check one of these out Oswald. Looks like seriously good fun and rolls a few of your items into one :)


Anonymous said...


Have a look at the link

If this is (at least remotely) what you have in mind, let us know the account, and while we are in the "contribute to Greg's cause" and Christmas modes, I (and I am sure a couple of others) will be more than happy to do something for you in return for the intellectual pleasure of daily visits to your blog.

Deadman said...

"my" is very generous. I'm in the market for a hooker. Can I get in on this action?

Unknown said...

What about an electric drive 5th scale Sherman Tank?

That covers most of his wish list and the rest he can get by force. Armed insurrection to back outrageous demands is all the rage.

Cactus Kate said...

That kid needs to be put on trademe as soon as possible.

What's wrong with the little poofter, he does not want a Playstation?

Oswald Bastable said...

Already got one!

Unknown said...

Dude she called the fruit of your wrinkly old loins a poofter. Where's the lash back?

Oswald Bastable said...

Some people can get away with saying things that would get others a slapping and Kate is one of them!

BTW, he doesn't want a model tank- he wants we to buy the M41 down at the local military museum!

As for the Walker colt- that one is a bit to purty for me!- The one I have my eye on is only $550nz!

Anonymous said...

Bewary with that christmas bonk. Last time I did that a sprog arrived 9 months later.

He wants a cell phone and a laptop for christmas - and he can't quite read yet.

Unknown said...

Yeah I assumed as much but I'm talking about a tank he can fit in and drive!