Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another useless fecker!

Yet another 'worker' has come down with "I don't want to work here' syndrome.

That's three this year.

Of course, they never just quit- they all stay on and do progressivly less and less until they are as much use than the vermin that infest the storage shed.

Unfortunatly, I am forbidden to poison them!

The latest soft-cock has decided that he is being given all the crap jobs and that we are treating him like shit.

After being informed of this, we will now make it true...

Everyone wants a job- considerably fewer want to work!


Anonymous said...

What does his job actually involve, Oswald?

Oswald Bastable said...

Water Treatment Operator

It's not one of those menial positions where one might expect that sort of crap from staff.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should apply, being one of those weird people who actually enjoys working!
This town is driving me nuts anyway.