Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sauce for the goose

"The rights of disabled people to pay family members to care for them will be discussed in Wellington today.

Seven families are involved in a court case to get the right to receive a caregiver allowance.

They have been successful at the Human Rights Tribunal and the High Court, but the Ministry of Health has lodged an appeal..."

Unfortunately, the above linked article missed part of the interview I listened to, where one of our elected or unelected masters mentioned the added burden to the taxpayers.

Now I tend to support that sentiment and if it is to be applied to the poor sods with serious mental impairment, surely it follows that this argument must be applied to the hordes of idle and indigent, the serial breeders and the chemically-addled, who got into their positions by making choices.

They are hurting the taxpayers right now, thanks to the state's largess...

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