Friday, March 04, 2011

Refugees- right...

"...Hundreds of former refugees from Afghanistan have become refugees again - this time from the city they saw as their safe haven, Christchurch.

A group of 110 Afghan refugees, including some rescued from the Tampa 10 years ago, are back in the Mangere refugee centre in South Auckland after joining an Air Force airlift of hundreds of Christchurch earthquake victims to Whenuapai last weekend.

Another group of 230 from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Bhutan flew to Whenuapai on Tuesday..."

Now I would have thought that these people of all would be able to easily cope with rough conditions in Christchurch. A city with temporarily broken power, water and waste should be a holiday par k when nobody is mortaring, bombing, shooting or generally trying to murder you. Or is it they smell the sweet odor of handouts?
Put them on the next freighter back to the shit-hole that came from.

We have plenty of New Zealanders who have paid their dues that need help. I personally know several that could have packed up and moved to their holiday homes, but they chose to stay. They felt they should be there trying to fix things, get their businesses back on-line and keep their employees jobs going. A story I have heard many times from many people- the 'Can do' folk!

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