Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because we are forbidden to protect ourselves effectivly

A Carterton real estate agent who in 2008 stabbed a kidnapper in the head has reached out to another woman realtor who on Friday was sexually attacked on the job.

Real estate agents, particularly women, were yesterday urged to take "sensible precautions" after the 51-year-old was allegedly sexually attacked in an empty south Auckland house as she waited for a client.

But Kelly McIsaac said yesterday there seemed little female real estate agents could do to fully protect themselves.

There is plenty you could do- But in the People's Republic of New Zealand, our masters- who always know best- have forbidden them.

Equalizers like Pistols, pepper spray or electric stunners.

Can't have our law-abiding citizens able to actually defend themselves, can we?

Can't even hope that when the police catch the bastards that SHOULD be lying on the ground full of 9 mm holes, that the soft-cock judiciary will hand down a real sentence.

We need less law and more justice...

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Anonymous said...

I have been working down there off and on since Sep. I have seen nowt on Manchester St that would begin to be tempting. Takes all sorts I guess.