Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What resource shortage?

Now how is it that when you get your property stolen you are told to come in and make a statement.


That police are too under-resourced to shut down boy racer/thug activities.


That reported crimes are not followed up on.


"...30 police officers breath-tested all of the 4000 spectators as they entered Christ College to watch the school take on rivals Christchurch Boys High, only waving school buses through their checkpoint..."

This reeks of the old-boy network calling in a few favors. If it isn't- it sure as hell looks that way!

I have no problem with the organizers making the call to ban anyone who had been drinking- I object to the waste of taxpayer funds to make this happen.

Hire a security firm to do this in future- and pay for it out of your own friggin' pockets!

Hat Tip: Crusader Rabbit- who got me wound up about this disgraceful use of a scarce resource- real policing!

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