Sunday, June 27, 2010

About time

"Smoking will be banned in all prisons from next year, the Herald on Sunday has learned.

Corrections minister Judith Collins is expected to announce this week that a 12-month preparation plan will be rolled out that should see all prisons go smoke-free by July next year..."


I'm no fan of banning things, but it is MEANT to be a different world inside a prison. A more spartan existence.

Why the hell should inmates be able to do that the staff who run the prisons are forbidden to do?

That and tobacco is money inside, plus now there will be no reason for crims to have matches or lighters.

So the inmates will get tetchy and throw their toys when forced to go cold turkey. So what- they do that now for little reason and going off other drugs has never been an excuse for letting them continue their nasty habits.

"...Anti-smoking Maori Party MP Hone Harawira supported the move but warned a total ban could lead to an outbreak of violence among prisoners..."

So issue Tasers.


BREAKING NEWS: Prisoners will be forced to go cold-turkey on 1 July next year after a government decree to ban smoking.

Corrections minister Judith Collins announced the measure today saying it was out of concern for the health and safety of prison staff. There was also concern about potential legal action from prison staff or non-smoking prisoners over exposure to second-hand smoke if no action was taken.


KPete said...

Now the only form of prison currency will be

sweet "man love"

Now if thats not incentive enough to stay clean then I dunno what is.

Anonymous said...

Quality is better than quantity..................................................................                           

tom said...

Been banned in most of the US for a long time. I got arrested once decades ago and they allowed you to smoke in the jail but you couldn't keep a lighter or matches so you had to depend on a guard to light your smokes and the one on duty told everybody that asked "smoking is bad for you, not gonna happen!" I used to smoke a LOT before I quit and it was a long night of discomfort but I think that was the point of making me spend a night, to make me uncomfortable, right?

Word to the wise, if you're on a road job in an unfamiliar city and you go out for a few beers, when you walk back to your motel don't take a leak on the side of a building across the street from the police station you didn't know was there...They will notice you and you don't get to stay at the motel that night and it costs 25 bucks as a class D misdemeanor. :-)