Monday, June 14, 2010

Self-inflicted illness

"Two morbidly obese women risk losing limbs, going blind or even dying without gastric bypasses, but their district health boards will not pay for the life-changing surgery..."

So, if it is your life- surely you would be motivated to get yourself out of the mess- say- BY SHOVING LESS FOOD DOWN YOUR GOB!

Those frickin' pies didn't leap down your fat frickin' face on their own.

Now (I assume they have no money of their own) they want US to pay for a self-inflicted condition.

I would give good odds that they are on some kind of welfare already due to their condition- being a big, gross fat fuck!

Try this site for a good weight loss method- but for it- or ANY diet to work, you first need to find discipline and motivation.

Motivation is the will to live- the other you need to discover.

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