Friday, June 20, 2008

SIxteen years is a start

"...On June 25, 1992, Ratima, then aged 25, went on a murderous rampage in Masterton, killing his sister-in-law Nicola Ferguson, Bevan Tepu, their child Stephen, Nicola's brother Phillip Ferguson junior, and his own children Piripi, Barney and Stacey.

He also killed an unborn child, deliberately stabbing the 36-week-old foetus through the abdominal wall of his mother..."

Sixteen years- that's a start.

A start- that's all.

You have a long term to serve yet, you piece of shit!

You shouldn't be even appearing before the parole board for another fifty years.

What you should have had is a long drop on a short rope!

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