Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Savings- from what?

There seems to be a perception that we all drive about to amuse ourselves, while the lights and heaters burn in our empty homes.

News flash- most of us have been well aware of energy usage and cost long before the greens crawled out from under their rock.

Not wasting was programmed into me from day one- power, food or anything that cost money. This has been the reality for most of us. We don't need millions of our dollars spent telling us to turn off the lights when leaving a room!

It's the same with using the car. A hell of a lot of folk only use it when they actually need to. I don't know anyone who just sits in it with the engine running, to enjoy the air conditioning!
The slack was taken up when fuel crossed the $1/liter mark- if not before.

So- where do the savings come from? To many the cost isn't an issue and they will use whatever they please. Good on them!

Others like myself already have that Scots trait of not wasting anything (allowing more money for real essentials, such as Whiskey!)

Well- that leaves it to the hand-wringers will must don the hair shirt and shiver for mother earth. Lefties and tree-huggers- turn off your computers for me!

For good!

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